Glycopeptide DIA Interlaboratory Study

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Study: Glycopeptide DIA Interlaboratory Study

Dear Potential Study Participant,

The cornerstone of glycoproteomics analysis is the highly sensitive, reliable quantification of site-specific glycosylation under a complex background. To this end, we have developed an analytical strategy based on a data-independent mass spectrometry methodology. This type of analysis requires Orbitrap or tripleTOF 6600 technology, which we have already tested. We will provide an optimized methodology and support with the implementation. Participants will be asked to implement a methodology, measure data and upload it to the data repository. We process the data and evaluate the interlaboratory reproducibility of the N-Glycopetide DIA analysis. The report will be presented at the annual SFG 2022 conference. The interlaboratory study will be completed as a publication in one of the journals focused on analytical chemistry. The samples will be human serum enriched with 5 different glycoproteins in different ratios. We will provide 3 samples and request that each analysis be repeated three times. One method involving an equilibration step is 120 minutes, which will be a total of approximately 18 hours of machine time reserved for measuring the study.

Study timeline:

  • Announcement: 07/2021
  • Samples and methodology ready: 09/01/2021
  • Deadline for data upload: 01/01/2022

Contact: Miloslav Sanda (, 202-687-6279)