Amy Lum


  • BS Georgetown University, Washington DC, Class of 2026


  • Undergraduate Researcher, Goldman Lab, Clinical and Translational Glycoscience Research Center, Oncology Department, Georgetown University


I am interested in exploring cancer biology through a dual mission of research and advocacy.
Prior to joining the Goldman lab, I gained experience in structural protein biochemistry through
my research at Caltech in Professor Doug Rees’ lab, under the supervision of postdoctoral
researcher Rebeccah Warmack. I worked on characterizing the structure of the nitrogenase
protein to further understand nitrogenase’s natural process of nitrogen fixation. I am currently an
undergraduate researcher in the Goldman Lab, researching extracellular endosulfatases in head
and neck cancers. Galectin-3-binding protein was identified as an interacting partner for
extracellular 6-O-endosulfatase Sulf-2; my project focuses on further defining the interaction
between the galectin-3-binding protein and 6-O-endosulfatase Sulf 2.