CTGRC Virtual Posters at the 2021 NIH & FDA Glycoscience Research Day on June 1st

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Conference website and registration.

“Disialo T antigen in the progression of liver disease”, Miloslav Sanda, Julius Benicky, and Radoslav Goldman.

“Purification and characterization of human recombinant extracellular 6-O-endosulfatase Sulf-2”, Julius Benicky, Miloslav Sanda, and Radoslav Goldman.

“GPTWiki – A Glycopeptide Transition Resource for DIA and Targeted Quantitation of Glycopeptides”, Lihua Zhang, Wenjin Zhang, Miloslav Sanda, Rado Goldman, and Nathan Edwards.

“GNOme – Glycan Naming and Subsumption Ontology”, Wenjin Zhang and Nathan Edwards.

“GlycoMotif – Curated Glycan Motifs and Determinants with Glycan Structure Alignments”, Wenjin Zhang, Rene Ranzinger, Michael Tiemeyer, Will York, and Nathan Edwards.